Software Licensing SDK

PELock is a software security solution designed for protection of any 32 bit Windows application against cracking, modifications and reverse engineering analysis.

Advanced software protection settings

Licensing SDK

You can closely integrate the protection and licensing features using dedicated SDK with hundreds of examples for

  • C/C++
  • Delphi, Lazarus
  • Freepascal
  • PureBasic
  • PowerBASIC
  • D
  • Assembler

SDK & usage examples is available now also at GitHub:

Protection and Licensing SDK settings

License Key Manager

PELock comes with a built-in licensing system, you can use it to easily add license key system for your application.

License key manager

Adding new license

Time trial settings

You can also set various time-trial limitations for the protected application, e.g. 30 days trial.

Time trial settings

Virtual DLL binder

PELock has a built-in binder for additional application DLL libraries, it’s possible to merge your main application EXE file with any number of extra DLL libraries into single output EXE file.

Virtual DLL binding

If your application uses or requires an additional DLL libraries you can hide them inside the protected application, no third party will be able to view it, nor any other program will have access to it, because the whole loading process is emulated in the memory and nothing is written to disk, and it’s completely transparent to the application working.

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