Stay away from COMODO / Sectigo digital certificates

All of our software binaries were digitally re-signed using Thawte digital certificate:

(demo versions on the website and full versions available in the Customer Panel)

Long story short – our previous certification company StartCOM was banned first from the major web browsers and now in 2019 from Microsoft Windows because of their shady business practices (issuing back dated certificates), you can read this story at:

and their main CA certificate was revoked, which resulted in blocking any software signed with their digital code signing certificates (even if it was valid till the end of 2019 like in our case).

We had huge problems to get a new one with COMODO / Sectigo because of their dumb policies, that required us to be listed in commercial business DUNS (D&B) directory (1600 USD for a listing!) or to have a blue shield of verification on Google Maps (even if this program was discontinued because it required to have a Google Business and now defunct Google+ accounts linked together?).

I’ve been trying to get this new certificate for more than 3 weeks with COMODO without a result and with tons of legal, notary signed company papers, utility bills send to them for verification, they didn’t want to issue a code signing certificate no matter what.

Finally I have tried to get it from Thawte, and after a simple business verification process, they granted us a new certificate after 2 days.

I highly recommend Thawte and The SSL Store for any digital certificates:

And stay away from COMODO / Sectigo and all their resellers (they resell via
many other companies).

I would like to apologize to all the customers for all the inconvenience in those days when you couldn’t use our software.

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