LZMA and LZ77 PELock Compression Plugins

Our friend mudlord has released two compression plugins for PELock.


First one is LZMA compression plugin and second one is based on demoscene exe-packer kkrunchy’s LZ77 implementation with an arithmetic coder.

PELock LZMA Compression

Plugins are available for free at:


They will be included in the next PELock installation package too.

PELock v2.02 – Anti Cracking Solution

PELock v2.02 was released. PELock is an advanced anti cracking solution for Windows applications with built-in license key system with SDK API support for C/C++, D, Delphi, PureBasic, PowerBASIC & MASM applications.

PELock Protection SDK Settings

List of changes:

  • removed a bug that caused crashes while adding virtual DLL libraries to the list
  • fixed DLL handling bug with the default configuration settings
  • callbacks parameter passing is fixed for stdcall convention

Full changelog – https://www.pelock.com/products/pelock/history

Download – https://www.pelock.com/products/pelock/download

Software Licensing SDK

PELock is a software security solution designed for protection of any 32 bit Windows application against cracking, modifications and reverse engineering analysis.


Advanced software protection settings

Licensing SDK

You can closely integrate the protection and licensing features using dedicated SDK with hundreds of examples for

  • C/C++
  • Delphi, Lazarus
  • Freepascal
  • PureBasic
  • PowerBASIC
  • D
  • Assembler

SDK & usage examples is available now also at GitHub:


Protection and Licensing SDK settings

License Key Manager

PELock comes with a built-in licensing system, you can use it to easily add license key system for your application.

License key manager

Adding new license

Time trial settings

You can also set various time-trial limitations for the protected application, e.g. 30 days trial.

Time trial settings

Virtual DLL binder

PELock has a built-in binder for additional application DLL libraries, it’s possible to merge your main application EXE file with any number of extra DLL libraries into single output EXE file.

Virtual DLL binding

If your application uses or requires an additional DLL libraries you can hide them inside the protected application, no third party will be able to view it, nor any other program will have access to it, because the whole loading process is emulated in the memory and nothing is written to disk, and it’s completely transparent to the application working.

Welcome back!

Hello Friends,

First I need to apologize to you for waiting so long for this moment. It’s been a long time since PELock and its website was updated. Over the years I’ve been involved in many other programming & reverse engineering projects and PELock more or less was put to side, but not anymore!

I’ve worked hard to bring it to life, make it modern, compatible as no other protection and resistant to crack. Its early versions was used for more than 2 years in a few popular software packages and those were never cracked. Over those years many bugs and compatibility issues have been fixed to bring you the stable final product.

Not only PELock was updated, but also .netshrink and Obfuscator, visit their pages to see how it evolved. I’ve also released two programming libraries, one is Poly Polymorphic Engine, it’s highly specialized encryption library and AZTEC 2D decoding library for polish vehicle ID documents. I have also developed SaaS service for developers StringEncrypt, you might also check it out.

I hope you like the new website design, customer panel, forums and I can only hope you will come back to discover all of the new features of the software.

Bartosz Wjcik