LZMA and LZ77 PELock Compression Plugins

Our friend mudlord has released two compression plugins for PELock.


First one is LZMA compression plugin and second one is based on demoscene exe-packer kkrunchy’s LZ77 implementation with an arithmetic coder.

PELock LZMA Compression

Plugins are available for free at:


They will be included in the next PELock installation package too.

PELock v2.02 – Anti Cracking Solution

PELock v2.02 was released. PELock is an advanced anti cracking solution for Windows applications with built-in license key system with SDK API support for C/C++, D, Delphi, PureBasic, PowerBASIC & MASM applications.

PELock Protection SDK Settings

List of changes:

  • removed a bug that caused crashes while adding virtual DLL libraries to the list
  • fixed DLL handling bug with the default configuration settings
  • callbacks parameter passing is fixed for stdcall convention

Full changelog – https://www.pelock.com/products/pelock/history

Download – https://www.pelock.com/products/pelock/download