Toyota ERC Calculator & Radio Unlock Code Generator

Generate the unlocking code for Toyota Japanese car radio player/audio/navigation using our ERC calculator. Find the ERC serial of your radio, enter it in the calculator & unlock your car radio.

Toyota car radio ERC calculator & unlocker

Our online calculator lets you unlock all Toyota radio/audio/navigation brands in one click.

Toyota ERC Calculator & Radio Unlock Code Generator

Why is my Toyota japanese player locked down?

Following a breakdown or a disconnection of the car battery, the Toyota radio will ask for a security code to become operational.

However, if you can't find the code for your radio, do not panic. This guide will help you calculate the car radio code.

How to find ERC number for Toyota radio player?

First of all, you should find the ERC code of your car radio player to unlock it using our calculator.

It's NOT the serial or any other number written on a radio placard, so DON'T take out your radio player!

Method 1 — Press Radio Keys
  • Press and hold the main button on your navigation player and turn on off your parking lights 3 to 4 times until a new screen appears
  • Press the only active button on the screen and your 16-digit ERC code will be displayed

Use this ERC code in our calculator to generate your unlocking code.

A few examples:

Toyota ERC Calculator and Radio Unlock Code Generator
Toyota ERC Calculator and Radio Unlock Code Generator
Toyota ERC Calculator and Radio Unlock Code Generator
Toyota ERC Calculator and Radio Unlock Code Generator
Toyota ERC Calculator and Radio Unlock Code Generator
Toyota ERC Calculator and Radio Unlock Code Generator

How to generate Toyota radio unlocking code?

Car radio codes licenses are available in two types (you can exclude VAT for the company license). Payment is made through PayPal over a secure connection.

  1. Enter your ERC code in the form below
  2. The ERC code consists of sixteen letters and digits
  3. You will get your radio code right away after the payment

Personal License


Company License

As soon as the payment gets processed, you will receive your car radio code along with an email with details to login to the Customer Panel, where you can find your invoice.

How to pay with BitCoins (BTC)?

If you can't pay with PayPal or don't want to, you can purchase a car radio code using BitCoins.

BitCoin Address Currency converter


How much is 5 USD in BitCoins?


How much is 9 USD in BitCoins?

After the payment, please send me an email with your transaction ID and your ERC code so I can send you back your car radio code.

How to enter Toyota player radio code?

There are buttons numbered from A to F and 1 to 9 on the radio touch screen.

Enter your radio unlock code next to the ERC code using radio touch screen buttons.

What are the supported Toyota radio players?

  • NMCN-D51M/W51M
  • NMCT-D51/W51

Year 2020 Radio Models

  • NSCD-W66

Year 2014 Radio Models

  • NSCP-W64
  • NSZA-X64T
  • NSZN-W64T
  • NSZT-W64
  • NSZT-Y64T

Year 2012 Radio Models

  • NHBA-W62G
  • NHBA-X62G
  • NHZD-W62G
  • NHZN-X62G
  • NSCP-W62
  • NSCT-D61D
  • NSLN-W62
  • NSZT-W62G
  • NSZT-Y62G

Year 2011 Radio Models

  • NHZA-W61G
  • NHZN-W61G
  • NHZN-X61G
  • NSCP-W61
  • NSCT-W61
  • NSDD-W61
  • NSZT-W61G

Year 2010 Radio Models

  • NHDT-W60G
  • NHZA-W60G
  • NHZN-W60G
  • NSCN-W60
  • NSDN-W60
  • NSZD-W60
  • NSZT-W60

Year 2009 Radio Models

  • NHDT-W59
  • NHDT-W59G
  • NHZA-W59G
  • NHZN-W59G
  • NSCN-W59C
  • NSDN-W59
  • NSDT-W59

Year 2008 Radio Models

  • NDDN-W58
  • NH3N-W58
  • NH3N-W58G
  • NHDT-W58
  • NHDT-W58G
  • NHZA-W58G
  • NHZP-W58S
  • NHZT-W58
  • NHZT-W58G

Year 2007 Radio Models

  • ND3T-W57
  • NDDN-W57
  • NH3N-W57
  • NHDA-W57G
  • NHDP-W57S
  • NHDT-W57
  • NHDT-W57D
  • NHZN-W57

Year 2006 Radio Models

  • ND3T-W56
  • NDDA-W56
  • NDDN-W56
  • NH3T-W56
  • NHDN-W56
  • NHDN-W56G
  • NHDP-W56S
  • NHXT-W56D

Year 2005 Radio Models

  • ND3T-W55
  • NDCN-D55/W55
  • NDDA-W55
  • NH3T-W55
  • NHDN-W55G
  • NHDT-W55
  • NHXT-W55V

Year 2004 Radio Models

  • ND3A-W54A
  • ND3T-D54/W54
  • NDCN-D54/W54
  • NDCT-W54E
  • NHCT-D54/W54
  • NHDN-W54G
  • NHDP-D54/W54
  • NHDT-W54V

Year 2003 Radio Models

  • NCMT-D53/W53
  • ND3A-W53A
  • ND3N-D53/W53
  • NDCT-D53/W53
  • NDCT-W53E
  • NDDP-W53R
  • NHDP-D53/W53
  • NHDT-W53
  • NHDT-W53M

Year 2002 Radio Models

  • NCKT-D52/W52
  • NCMT-D52/W52
  • ND3A-D52A/W52A
  • ND3N-D52/W52
  • ND3T-D52M/W52M
  • ND3T-D52V/W52V
  • NDDP-D52R/W52R
  • NDKT-D52/W52
  • NHMP-D52/W52
  • ND3N-W52T

and others.

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