Social Media Bot — Auto Clicker Growbot for Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud & LinkedIn

Let the Bot do the job. A growbot that imitates human actions on social media sites and allows for automated mass likes, unlikes, follows and unfollows. Download photos and videos from Instagram.

Grow your social media presence

Social Media Bot is an automatic growbot for social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud and LinkedIn. Additional functionality will also allow you to download photos and videos from Instagram.

How to get more likes and followers?

People often asking how to gain more followers, some wants it for personal reasons, some needs it for work, surely you wondered how to do it yourself.

Mike, I have a task for you, in two months we need to gain as much likes in our social media as we can, prepare the action plan and start off with this challenge!

Boss Chester to his corporate slave Mike

Hey Jessica don't you know how to quickly gain more followers on my Instagram? Every day I click 100 likes for others and it works, but it takes me half a day and there is no one to take care of my baby...

Mother of the year

Social Media Bot is the answer

By automatically and mass liking other users' posts, selected #hashtags, and by automatically following other users' fans you will quickly attract a group of your new followers. It's in the human nature, you are clicking likes for others, they will do it for you too.

Social Media Bot is a browser extension (otherwise known as a plug-in) that allows you to automate your typical social media activities.

All of the operations are performed directly from your computer and from your IP address as if you were doing it yourself. This way you can rest assured that your account will not be blocked.

Social Media Bot Auto-Clicker Growbot Popup Window
Social Media Bot Popup Window

How it works?

Social Media Bot will do what you do only faster. Instead of sitting for hours and clicking likes the bot will click it for you, on your dashboard or for posts from selected hashtags. It will also allow you to automate following fans of selected users.

Automatic Mouse click

By mimicking human activity such as clicking likes, scrolling the page, making short delays, it will allow you to quickly grow your followers base.

All actions can be undone just as quickly, massively deleting your likes or previously followed users.

Instagram photos & videos downloader

Social Media Bot has additional functionality that allows you to download any photo and video from Instagram.

After installing our browser extension, you will see a small download icon next to each photo and video on Instagram.

Download photos and videos from Instagram with Social Media Bot plug-in
How to download photos and videos from Instagram? Just click on the download icon.

Click on it to save previously unavailable photos and videos to your computer. This solution is simple and handy.


You can customize Social Media Bot to your needs, if you wish to not follow certain users, you can quickly tune-up this setting, we make it as simple as it can be.

Social Media Bot Auto-Clicker Growbot Additional Options

It's recommended to use default options, they are tune-up to not get your account blocked, so don't be greedy and leave recommended delay times and click through rates. Remember it should act like a human!

If you mess up the options it's easy to restore them to default settings with just one click.

Supported web browsers

Social Media Bot is compatible with Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi or any other Chromium based web browser.

Recently Mozilla Firefox compatible extension has been published too.

Account security

Social Media Bot does not need a password to work for your social media accounts, you just need to be logged in on Instagram or Twitter. No other activities are performed in the background, the plugin also does not add hidden ads, nor does it modify the original content and functionality of the supported pages.

Any questions?

If you would like to ask me about Social Media Bot, suggest a feature or a change, or something's not clear, mail me. I'll be happy to help you.