.netshrink exe packer & virtual dll binder

.netshrink is an exe packer aka executable compressor, application password protector and virtual DLL binder for Windows & Linux .NET applications.

Executable compression

.netshrink is an exe packer (aka executable compressor). This means it can take your Windows or Linux .NET application executable file, compress it, and add unpacking code to the output file, leaving it fully functional but with decreased size.

.netshrink uses the LZMA compression algorithm to achieve maximum compression ratios.

Strong password protection

With .netshrink you can password protect your application – it will be impossible to run without the proper password.

Password protection uses verification based on the SHA256 hash function and 256 bit AES / Rijndael encryption.

Main window

Virtual DLL binder

With .netshrink you can also bind multiple DLL libraries to the output file so you can redistribute your application as a standalone file.

Binding application and its DLL files into a single EXE file


.netshrink can detect most of the popular .NET cracking tools at runtime. The protected application will display a warning message and terminate if a cracking tool is detected.

.NET Framework detection

A .netshrink compressed application can detect the required .NET framework using its native (x86 / x64) loader.


  • compression of .NET executables only
  • binding of virtual DLL libraries to the output executable
  • detection of cracking and unpacking tools
  • detection of the .NET Framework (using native loader)
  • password protection (with an option to store passwords in the Windows Registry)
  • command line passing (stub → compressed assembly)
  • command line options
  • resource preservation (all resources)
  • support of all available .NET Frameworks
  • Strong-Name assembly signing new
  • digital code signing for the output files (support for double signatures) new

Any questions?

If you would like to ask me about .netshrink, or something's not clear, mail me. I'll be happy to help you.