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I thought that PELock was obsolete... It is a profound joy to see it is still alive, this is and was one of the best protection software ever!

Software Crew AB

PELock. Excellent product. For me - irreplaceable. It does what it should and as it should.

Customer service - exemplary. If it were everywhere... A DREAM. Mr. Bartosz! You are amazing :)

Mariusz Korczakowski

PELock is a very robust and versatile protector of the executable files. PELock is an effective and very strong protection shell in a comfortable package. It protects against any unauthorized modifications to the program, no one simply can not crack what you did. Using several built-in features and in particular SDK features, you can protect the sensitive places in the code so no one will be able to crack it, either because it would take too much time or it would be too difficult to even start with it.

We confirm that the Crystal Brains sp. z o.o. company used the services of PELock LLC in the field of decoding Aztec codes from the vehicle card IDs. Our solution is implemented as an application running on Android operating system with AZTecDecoder library provided by PELock. We used AZTecDecoder in the form of a network service responsible for decoding data from the vehicle registration documents. We use the service from the beginning of 2013.

All the previous work done by the PELock were completed with due diligence and in due time. We recommend PELock to all customers for whom it is important to the quality of work performed and the certainty of realization of IT projects.

Ziemowit Buchalski — Crystal Brains

PELock is a brilliant protection system; tons of options to tailor it to how you want, an extensive SDK for programming your own solutions to further bolster PELock's strengths, very strong protection capabilities and rock solid stability. An excellent choice if you are looking to protect your assets.

I used the services of PELock LLC, which created for me an application for supporting the registration of geodetic measurements.

PELock LLC has proven professionalism and reliability, I can certainly recommend it to others looking for solutions to unusual problems.

Michał Szyda

Very satisfied with PELock services!

That's because of professionalism and excellent skill that Mr. Bartosz's have. Very kind and realistic person.

Teguh Sobirin

PELock is a brilliant protection system.

Pedro Marin

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