Buy .netshrink exe packer and dll binder

We have a two week refund policy. No questions asked. Simple as that. You can pay with your credit card, PayPal account or by using BitCoins.

Full version benefits

Are you interested in buying a .netshrink license? Just a few reasons to buy the full version:


Free lifetime upgrades

Receive the latest versions of the software year by year without any additional costs. Try to find a similar offer somewhere else!


Free lifetime support

Something not working right? Just drop me an email and I will investigate the case as fast as possible.

DLL Library

Virtual DLL binder

Bind multiple DLL libraries to the output executable file, so you can redistribute your application as a standalone file.


Access to the community forums

Full access to the support forums where you can talk with other users of .netshrink, exchange ideas and find useful solutions.


LZMA Compression

.netshrink uses LZMA compression to achieve the best possible compression ratio of your files. Is your file really big? Like GB big? That's no problem for .netshrink!


Strong crypto password protection

Password protection uses verification based on the SHA256 hash function and 256 bit AES / Rijndael encryption.

C# Sharp

Support for all .NET Frameworks

.netshrink can compress any .NET file, no matter what .NET Framework was used.

System monitor

Anti-cracking tools detection

Files compressed with .netshrink monitor the system all the time and can detect most of the popular .NET cracking tools at runtime.


.netshrink licenses are available in two types. Payment is made through PayPal over a secure connection.

Buy License
Company License — 79 USD Multi-user license for companies and organizations.
Personal License — 59 USD Licensed to the individual, and cannot be transferred to another entity. Must be purchased with personal funds. Cannot be reimbursed by a company or organization.

As soon as the payment gets processed, you will receive an email with details to login to the Customer Panel, where you can download your licensed software and activation keys.

Pay with BitCoins

If you can't pay with PayPal or don't want to, you can purchase a license using BitCoins.

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After the payment, please send me an email with your transaction ID so I can send you back a licensed copy.


If you would like to ask me about .netshrink, or something's not clear, mail me. I'll be happy to answer all of your questions.