Obfuscator version history

Did you know Obfuscator is the only known source code protection for assembly code?

Engine history


  • added recognition of db, dw, dd, dq etc. data declarations between the instructions. It's now possible to obfuscate source code with tricks like this:
    call	@f
    db	'abc',0
  • code blocks used to jump between shuffled instructions are now shuffled themselves
  • better output source code cleanup (removal of empty lines, tabs & spaces)


  • proper detection of jxx short branches (Visual Studio C++ output code)
  • HTTPS encrypted protocol is now used by default to talk to Obfuscator API


  • WinApi constants resolving
    push	40h

Client history


  • All binaries were digitally re-signed using Thawte digital certificate. Long story short - our previous certification company StartCOM was banned first from the major web browsers and now in 2019 from Microsoft Windows because of their shady business practices (issuing back dated certificates) and their main CA certificate was revoked, which resulted in blocking any software signed with their digital code signing certificates (even if it was valid till the end of 2019 like in our case). We had huge problems to get a new one with COMODO / Sectigo because of their dumb policies, that required us to be listed in commercial business DUNS directory (1600 USD for a listing) or to have a blue shield of verification on Google Maps (even if this program was discontinued because it required to have a Google Business and now defunct Google+ accounts linked together...). I've been trying to get this new certificate for more than 3 weeks with COMODO without a result and with tons of legal, notary signed company papers, utility bills send to them for verification, they didn't want to issue a code signing certificate no matter what. Finally I have tried to get it from Thawte, and after a simple business verification process, they granted us a new certificate after 2 days. I would like to apologize to all the customers for all the inconvenience in those days when you couldn't use our software.


Obfuscator v2.3 main window
  • many internal bug-fixes
  • all executable files are now double signed for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 (SHA1) and Windows 10 (SHA-256)
  • new icons


Obfuscator v2.2 command line
  • Command line interface added


Obfuscator v2.1 main window
  • Connection is now encrypted by default (HTTPS protocol)


Obfuscator v2.0 main window
  • Entire interface changed
  • Client ported to .NET
  • WinApi constants resolving


Obfuscator v1.0 main window
  • Initial release
  • Windows client

Any questions?

If you would like to ask me about Obfuscator, or something's not clear, mail me, I'll be happy to help you.