Decrypting an encrypted database & database password recovery

Decrypting an encrypted database & recovery of the database access password. Decrypt SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server Compact, Visual FoxPro, Firebird and proprietary database formats.

Encrypted database

Databases are commonly used in software. Typically, the data stored in these databases are somehow protected against unauthorized access.

One of the methods is to encrypt the contents of database files. Without knowing the password it is impossible to access the database, even though we have appropriate software to read out a known database file format.

Encrypted SQLite database

If the database uses a proprietary format, accessing the data may be even more difficult.

Recovering the database access password

If possible and the database is created in a known database format, in the right circumstances it is possible to recover the original password to the database.

So what does it give you to recover the original access password? The possibility of using well-known applications to read databases, in a convenient, familiar way.

SQLite database

Database passwords are often hidden in the software from prying eyes and finding them is not a simple task.

Proprietary database formats

We are also able to provide access to encrypted databases saved in proprietary formats, using both additional encryption and data compression, without existing technical documentation.

A proprietary database decryption and data dumping

In such cases, we are able to extract all the stored data from the provided database, create drivers that allow access to databases or implement a programming interface that will allow access to the database, both in read and write mode.


Our company offers software reverse engineering service to gain access to encrypted databases.

We have experience and knowledge that allows us to gain access to many popular database systems, such as:


Getting access to encrypted data and/or getting the original database access password.

Estimated time

Each project is individually analyzed and the delivery time may vary significantly in case of known and proprietary database solutions.


Costs are determined individually after an initial analysis, taking into account additional work that may occur in the case of any non-standard solutions.


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