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Obfuscate your AutoIt script source code & algorithms to protect them against reverse engineering analysis, cracking and decompilation. AutoIt Obfuscator has been used 32287 times so far!

Source code in AutoIt v3 format

Obfuscated code

Select types of helper random numbers to be generated:

Global $xyz = 1
Global $xyz = Asc("[")

Global $xyz[3] = [369, 214, 592]
Global $xyz[2][4] = [ [34, 14, 592, 3], [349, 2] ]

Func xyz()
    Return 1238948
#OnAutoItStartRegister "dhfe_nMCTQQ_qeMdNOv_hTu"
Func dhfe_nMCTQQ_qeMdNOv_hTu()
    Global Const $xyz = 88643041

Global $var_2659 = Asc(StringMid("Random(188, 1504914845 + SRandom(), 1626512065)", 18, 1))
If 2010239059 = 2010239059 Then

Random numbers are used all over the obfuscated code, the more types - the better. If you don't select anything, all of the random types will be generated. I gotta have more random numbers baby!

ConsoleWrite("1. One" & @CRLF)
ConsoleWrite("2. Two" & @CRLF)
ConsoleWrite("3. Three" & @CRLF)
$rnd = 239892
While True
    If 40402 = $rnd Then
        $rnd = 1993
        ConsoleWrite("2. Two" & @CRLF)
    ElseIf $rnd = 239892 Then
        $rnd = 40402
        ConsoleWrite("1. One" & @CRLF)
    ElseIf $rnd = 1993 Then
        ConsoleWrite("3. Three" & @CRLF)
        $rnd = 203030211
    ElseIf $rnd = 203030211 Then

Read about code execution flow. Loop control statements ExitLoop and ContinueLoop are automatically corrected by the new loop levels.

Local $variable = 1
Global $var = 12345
Dim $iValue = 0xABBA
Local $nGuiyagSznwgwh = 1
Dim $var_12 = 0xABBA

All references to the renamed variables are automatically fixed.

Func Example($param1, $param2)
Func ProcessSomething()
Func Dummy($aArray)
Func VadOeCmEiez($param1, $param2)
Func func_91()
Func AvnsnFunc($aArray)

DllCall() and others using function names as a parameter are automatically fixed as long as the parameter is passed as a string (not a variable!).

Local $result = Example($param1, $param2)
$out = Dummy($aArray)
ConsoleWrite("Obfuscation for AutoIt")
Local $result = $VsoLkc($param1, $param2)
$out = $aRacmLko($aArray)
$aAxieOjxz("Obfuscation for AutoIt")

Functions in AutoIt can be assigned to variables; this is a good way to hide the real name of called functions.


Func a()
    return "Hello!"

Func b()
    return a()

Func c()
    return b()

Func c()
    return b()

Func a()
    return "Hello!"

Func b()
    return a()

The order of AutoIt functions in a script is not important.

MsgBox($MB_ICONINFORMATION, "Title", "Caption")
MsgBox(64, "Title", "Caption")

Currently more than 15000 Windows API constants are recognized.

Local $a = 1
Local $value = 1234
Local $lucky_seven = 777
Local $var = 0xFFFF
Local $count = 999
Local $item = 0x100
Local $diabolo = 666
Local $num = 9
Local $alignment = 512
Local $a = 3928 + $EiejcJks[3]
Local $value = (347445640 - 347444406)
Local $lucky_seven = Int(Sqrt(603729))
Local $var = BitXOR(312515813, IbmmftJgowlxa())
Local $count = BitOR(8966, 1033)
Local $item = BitNOT(-257)
Local $diabolo = BitRotate(10911744, 18, "D")
Local $num = 3 * 3
Local $alignment = 2 ^ 9

Arithmetic expressions include the + - * ^ operators and Sqrt() function, boolean expressions include BitXOR, BitOR, BitNOT, and BitRotate functions.

ConsoleWrite("Hello World!")
ConsoleWrite('Hello Nasty')
ConsoleWrite("Sample ""quotation"" within")
ConsoleWrite('Single ''quotation'' !')
ConsoleWrite("H" & "ell" & "o " & "W" & "orld" & "!")
ConsoleWrite('Hel' & 'lo Nast' & 'y')
ConsoleWrite("Samp" & "le ""quotation" & """ with" & "in")
ConsoleWrite('Single ' & '''quotati' & 'on''' & ' ' & '!')

Quoted strings within strings are automatically detected and handled properly.

ConsoleWrite("Hello World!")
ConsoleWrite('Hello Bart')
ConsoleWrite('AutoIt Decompilation')
ConsoleWrite(StringReverse("!dlroW olleH"))
ConsoleWrite(StringTrimLeft('KKuqTHello Bart', 5))
ConsoleWrite(StringTrimRight('AutoIt DecompilationX', 1))

String modifications use the built-in StringReverse(), StringTrimRight() and StringTrimLeft() functions.

ConsoleWrite("How to protect AutoIt script?")
ConsoleWrite(DlnWck(87, $KQWGAWTNE, $vOedex))
Func DlnWck($var_1238, $g_tagNye, $g_v_nCrR)
    Local $6H_T[29] = [ 0x728F, 0x6DAF, 0x6CAF, 0x778F, _
                        0x6D0F, 0x6DAF, 0x778F, 0x6D8F, _
                        0x6D4F, 0x6DAF, 0x6D0F, 0x6EEF, _
                        0x6F2F, 0x6D0F, 0x778F, 0x736F, _
                        0x6CEF, 0x6D0F, 0x6DAF, 0x726F, _
                        0x6D0F, 0x778F, 0x6D2F, 0x6F2F, _
                        0x6D4F, 0x6E6F, 0x6D8F, 0x6D0F, _
                        0x73AF ]
    For $NYwQb = 0 To 28
        $Cwium = $6H_T[$NYwQb]
        $Cwium -= 0x7B90
        $Cwium = BitRotate($Cwium, 11, "W")
        $Cwium = BitNOT($Cwium)
        $6H_T[$NYwQb] = ChrW(BitAND($Cwium, 0xFFFF))
    Return _ArrayToString($6H_T, "")

The polymorphic string encryption engine is taken from our StringEncrypt solution.

Local $a = 1
Local $var = 123
Local $a = ($fBnbFcgx[5] >= $xCsccjis[12] ? 1 : $g_GIqyy)
Local $var = (SqXoFunc() <> $Abv ? $var_2029[3] : 123)

Read more about the ternary operator in AutoIt.

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