AutoIt Obfuscator version history

AutoIt Obfuscator version history with changes and bugfixes to the obfuscation engine, Windows client versions and WebAPI interface.

Engine history


  • Proper handling of Null keyword


  • Change linear code execution flow to nonlinear version obfuscation strategy added
  • Added an automatic removal of #Region and #EndRegion pragmas
  • Many internal changes and bugfixes


  • A new obfuscation strategy - shuffle order of functions in the output source


  • Huge speed improvements due to the rewritten AST parsing engine logic


  • System variables $CmdLine and $CmdLineRaw are not renamed anymore


  • Initial release

Client history


AutoIt Obfuscator v1.2 main window
  • Support added for the new code flow mixing obfuscation strategy
  • PHP SDK updated
  • Fixed a bug while saving settings to the Windows Registry


AutoIt Obfuscator v1.1 main window
  • Support added for the new obfuscation strategy
  • PHP SDK updated
  • fixed activation code passing in command line version (it's /ActivationCode and it was wrongly described as /ActivationKey)


AutoIt Obfuscator v1.0 main window
  • Initial release
  • Windows client
  • Command line version compatible with Windows and Linux (Mono)
  • WebAPI client with PHP usage examples

Any questions?

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