Tutorials of how to use Social Media Bot

Watch the video tutorials of how to use Social Media Bot and grow fast your fan base on Twitter, TikTok, SoundCloud, LinkedIn, Gettr and Weibo social media sites.

How to use Social Media Bot?

Social Media Bot will do what you do only faster. Instead of sitting for hours and clicking likes, the bot will click the likes on your social media wall or for the posts from selected hashtags. It will also automate following users from selected accounts.

Automatic Mouse click

Used wisely, it will allow you to expand your followers gradually and effectively.

Brain and head

Use wisely

Avoid overdoing the likes, follows, or reposts. Set the number of likes to what you would manually do by yourself. Would you manually leave, say, 10000 likes in a day or an hour, or click follow even 200 people? Of course not! Hundreds or thousands of likes or follows per day will immediately raise the suspicion of anti-spam systems.

Infnite cycle mode

Infinite cycle mode

The bot has an additional infinite cycle mode marked in the bot panel with a small clock icon. In this mode a cycle of work is performed, e.g. liking, after which there is a break, and reloading of the page in order to upload new posts, after which the bot resumes the clicking. This is the safest and the most human-like behavior of the bot.

Ustawienia i opcje

Customize to suit you

The bot has dozens of settings, allowing you to customize its functioning to your needs. Do you want it to take longer delays between clicks? No problem! Want it to skip some random posts to make it look even more human-like to anti-spam systems? We've got it! Don't be afraid to experiment with the options, because you can always go back to the default settings with one click on in the Options panel.


Errors happen to everyone

Occasionally, it can happen that something is not working right. This can be due to a number of reasons, for example, it may happen that the bot stops working because you have too many tabs open and have run out of RAM on your computer. Close your other tabs and try again. Social media pages are changed from time to time and updates are required. Take a look at the FAQ section first or contact me and send a screenshot or video of what is going wrong and I'll help you solve the problem.

How to organically grow your NFT project on Twitter and TikTok?

A short presentation of how to grow your NFT project on Twitter and TikTok using Social Media Bot made by our friend Viral Kingdom.

It shows how to use Like, Retweet & Follow actions to grow your followers.

Automatically click likes on Twitter

Automatically like selected hashtags on Twitter


If you would like to ask me about Social Media Bot or something's not clear, mail me. I'll be happy to answer all of your questions.