How to unprotect an Excel XLS spreadsheet without password protected with LockXLS protection

The service of unlocking password protected Excel XLS spreadsheed, protected via the LockXLS security system.

Password protected XLS spreadsheet

Sometimes we come across Excel files that are password protected. It is not even possible to open a spreadsheet without the correct password.

One of the most popular solutions used for this purpose is LockXLS software. It allows to protect Excel workbooks and their distribution in the form of password protected executable file EXE without the possibility of editing workbook itself.

XLS file password protected by LockXLS system
XLS file password protected by LockXLS system

After starting a workbook protected in this way, it is necessary to enter a password that will allow you to use the workbook.


Our company offers a solution consisting in removing the password and restoring the original XLS workbook from the protected copy. The reconstructed workbook can be edited again.

Estimated time

Estimated time of service from 1-7 working days.


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