Software & Games Localization

Reach a global audience with your localized software & games, software localization without access to the source code.


I have worked on a special type of software and games localization for over a decade.

In most cases my work was done without access to the source codes or technical documentation, just using reverse engineering skills.

Software localization challenges

I can name many factors that can be a problem in software localization, like:

  • encrypted resources
  • data compression
  • game and software protections
  • CRC checks
  • undocumented media formats and containers

Reverse engineering

I can perform binary file analysis, find out how the software works, what kind of encryption or compression it uses, where it reads the data from etc. and perform code modifications of your choice like:

  • changing the default software actions
  • adding custom actions
  • replacing existing algorithms
  • modifying constant values (e.g. winning ratios)

Replacing strings

Text translation is the most common part of software localization, but the software strings are not always accessible in a readable format (for example they could be encrypted or compressed).

I can provide you with a custom tools to retrieve it, modify it and finally replace it.

Broken Sword II String Editor

Replacing graphics and sounds

I can help you replace common graphic and sound resources in any software or game, including:

  • common graphics
  • splashscreens
  • game menus
  • toolbars
  • cursors
  • icons
  • 3D models

GUI modification

If you wish to refresh the look of some existing software or to make some changes in the GUI I can help you by:

  • changing window layout (dialog boxes)
  • adding new controls (buttons, text)
  • adding links
  • adding banners
  • modifying menu items

Adding custom fonts

If you need to replace custom fonts in a game or a software package I can help you by providing specialized tools to import, edit and replace the fonts, and perform required changes in the application binary files to make it all work together.

Lords of Realm Font Editor

Removing CD & DVD protections

When I was working on games localization for computer magazines, I had to analyze and remove built-in CD protections from the original, licensed games, so the games could be run by the readers from the magazine included CD.

Additional functionality

If you wish, I can add extra functionality to the existing software, e.g.:

  • splash screens
  • hidden key combos
  • anti-hacking features
  • CD / DVD / USB checks
  • custom licensing
  • registration keys
  • time trial period
  • component downloading
  • checking for the Internet connection

All of this can be done without access to the source code.


If you have any questions about my software localization services or about pricing, please contact me. I'll be happy to answer all of your questions.