Software Protection Design

Custom software protection & license key system design for your software, copy protection, anti-cracking & anti-debug techniques.

Software protection experience

I have developed software protection products like PELock, .netshrink and Obfuscator.

Over the years I have written many articles for the computer programming press about reverse engineering, copy protection, encryption and software cracking. You can read all of my articles right here.

You can read about my reverse engineering experience and related services like source code recovery and software localization.

Software protection design

I can design and build a custom software protection product for you or your company from scratch, or using a modified version of one of my own software protection and license key solutions. This includes:

  • application protectors (exe protectors)
  • executable compressors (exe packers)
  • virtual machines (vm engines)
  • password protectors
  • anticracking and antihacking solutions

License key solutions

If you are just looking for a license key solution with a strong registration key scheme — I can design a secure licensing model for your application using proven encryption algorithms like RSA or ECC.

  • custom license key systems
  • remote license key systems
  • strong registration algorithms

Obfuscation, polymorphic encryption & code mutation

I have designed several polymorphic encryption engines, obfuscators & code mutation engines for the purposes of software protection. These kinds of engines are very fragile and prone to errors, but thanks to advanced software design and careful testing they are now deployed by many of my own customers and proven to be secure and stable software protection solutions.


If you have any questions about custom software protections or about pricing, please contact me. Please describe your problem with as much technical information as you can. I'll be happy to answer all of your questions.